Why Do I Really Need Dive Accident Insurance?


Scuba travel insurance covers medical expenses resulting from scuba diving accidents. The odds of a major scuba diving accident are low when diving within the limits of training, but the costs are high: Treatment in a recompression chamber following development of the bends can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

  • Your primary medical insurance may exclude diving as a hazardous recreational activity and/or may not provide coverage when you are traveling out of the country.
  • If it does provide coverage, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatments.
  • There may be large out-of-pocket payments for deductibles and co-pays. These alone can total thousands of dollars.
  • Beyond money, the nature of diving risks involves specialized knowledge that not all doctors have. Relying on an organization whose medical consultants are diving medicine experts to coordinate your treatment, even remotely, can have a tremendous impact on how you will recover. Available 24/7
  • However, beyond our personal health, remember we don’t scuba dive alone. Involuntarily you could cause personal or material damage to another diver underwater, on the boat or at the dive centre. Hence third-party liability insurance can save you from a legal nightmare.
  • If you are a professional diver, you have the mandatory obligation to get dive insurance. 

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