What’s the best way to multipurpose my containment unit?

Lionfish ZooKeeper Ocean Debris
Lionfish ZooKeeper - Multipurpose it

ZooKeeper is a containment unit making it safer & easier to contain Lionfish, debris & other catch while you dive!  Hey… your ZooKeeper can be multipurpose!  It isn’t just for Lionfish anymore.  Multipurpose it!

  • Take it treasure hunting to hold your new riches while you dive too!
  • Throw other fishes in.
  • Pick up trash and debris and throw it in.
  • It holds the fishing line and hooks well. 
  • Less drag than a net or solid trash bag.
  • I’ve picked up knives that will obviously cut most dive equipment.
  • All you have to do is unscrew and dump.  No messing around with removing hooks and so forth when cleaning up.

How do you multipurpose your ZooKeeper?

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