You are now free to travel the world and save the reefs!

Join us on our Lionfish Expeditions and don’t forget your passport! We are always looking to get more divers and reef lovers to travel and hunt lionfish, eat lionfish, buy lionfish jewelry and more!

A Lionfish Expeditions is a fun way to help save the reefs around the world! We work with dive shops, resorts, dive charters, nonprofits and more who are on the front line fighting the lionfish invasion. Use this passport to document all of your efforts. We’ve even added some suggestions on every page. Looking for a Lionfish Expedition? Click here.

Let us help you find the perfect lionfish expedition for your time and budget and start collecting your stamps from around the world!

If you are not using the Lionfish Community App (Lionfish Patrol) please download it now from the app stores. There will be a list of all divers hunting in the area you want to visit. We will also have the Lionfish Expeditions listed there.

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