Meet the ZooKeeper Team

Tim and his partner, Patricia have put together a team of friends, colleagues and like-minded individuals to join them on this journey.  

This close-knit team of recreational & professional divers are all leaders in their respective fields of work, and each will play an essential role in the success of ZooKeeper and in taking it to the next level!  

Tim Robinson

Managing Partner, PADI Specialty Instructor & Head Keeper

Tim was born in East Moline, IL, and moved to make South Florida his new home when he was in grade school. 

He’s always got his hands in something as an entrepreneur.  Tim holds many titles:  Florida State contractor, president, ranking board member of organizations, Specialty Dive Instructor, Dad, and now Mr. ZooKeeper.  He loves to travel, teach scuba and spend time with his family and friends.

Tim’s love for diving began early as a search & recovery diver while working as a firefighter in Broward County, FL.  His passion for diving and protecting the ecosystem led Tim to purchase ZooKeeper in late July 2021.  

The future of Lionfish ends with ZooKeeper!   Tim wishes to educate the world on how ZooKeeper can help divers safely control the Lionfish invasion and have a safer way to contain smaller debris collected on dives. #ShowUsYourZK

ZooKeeper Team - Tim Robinson

Tyler Bourgoine

Managing Partner, PADI Master Instructor & Sales Extraordinaire

ZooKeeper Team - Tyler Bourgoine

A transplant from the mountains of Pennsylvania, Tyler traded in his skis and snowboard for a pair of scuba fins. Tyler began his adventure as a diver after finishing his Bachelors of Business Administration at Florida Atlantic University. He instantly fell in love with the underwater world. He worked for a local dive store and boat for several years as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. During his tenure, he was instrumental in organizing two Guinness World Records in 2018 and 2019.

While completing his Masters of Business Administration, Tyler had the privilege to work for the Nova Southeastern University Academic Dive Program. His concern for the environment and dive safety grew further at NSUADP.

Tyler will be an instrumental part of the ZooKeeper team on land and in the water.

Cesar Avila

Managing Partner, PADI Master Diver & IT Guru

Cesar is a Civil & Network Engineer, with over 20 Years of experience in the IT field. He is the founder and principal of – IT Solutions, a consulting firm with clients in different markets across the nation.

Born in Chile, he came to the states as a child. Cesar’s passion for diving began with an Open Water certification gift in 2018 and has grown into almost the completion of his Divemaster certification. Cesar loves the peacefulness of being under in another world, additionally, enjoys lobstering, hunting Lionfish and, helping others understand the importance of ocean conservation.   

ZooKeeper Team - Cesar Avila

Robert Robinson

Managing Partner, PADI Master Diver & Master Hunter

Robert “Rob” was born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida, and has been diving for three years. He has worked hard to complete his PADI Master Diver certification, developing a fervor to learn more about the ocean. 

Alongside scuba diving, Rob is passionate about all types of fishing, whether it be going out on the water or going under the water and spearing. With the critical invasion of lionfish, Robert wants to help promote how ZooKeepers are used to help keep our reefs healthy so that there’s plenty of other fish out there to catch!     

Rob is a crucial part of our team because he brings additional knowledge about hunting fish above and below the water. With his continued help, Zookeeper can grow and prosper to attract even fishermen who hook a lionfish!  

Cody Robinson

Managing Partner, PADI Specialty Instructor & Master Hunter

Cody was also born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. In the three years, Cody has been scuba diving, he has become very passionate about the sport and is dedicated to helping promote the growth of Florida’s beautiful reefs. While living near the water all his life, free diving and scuba diving are both something Cody has always had a deep interest in.  

Starting as a recreational diver, Cody quickly excelled into a Master Scuba Diver, Dive Master, and eventually, PADI Scuba Instructor. Currently, Cody is an essential team member in the dive industry where he specializes in spearfishing and marine life conservation.  

Cody not only brings an important level of passion to the ZooKeeper Team, but he also brings a huge knowledge base about how Lionfish hunting and how Scuba diving can be used in tandem with Reef conservation! With Cody on our team, we are more than ready to help educate others on how ZooKeepers and Lionfish hunting are beneficial to the future of our reefs!  

ZooKeeper Team - Patricia Mauldin

Patricia Mauldin
PADI Divemaster & People Engineer

Patricia moved to South Florida as a teenager and has no plans to ever leave. She says, "We live where most vacation, and we are very lucky to have such diverse scuba diving at our fin-gertips."
Her variety of experiences in operations and customer service assists in excelling to learn whatever is thrown her way to help people. Patricia started her diving experiences a little later than the rest due to anxiety and equalization complications. Just after a year and a half she completed her Divemaster certification and can't stay out of the ocean. Her passion for scuba diving and ocean conservation is part of her everyday life.
Need a buddy? She's in! #NarcedMermaid

ZooKeeper Team - Alexa

Alexa Frey
PADI AOW & People Engineer

Alexa was born and raised in South Florida. She's especially interested in the law and has begun her journey to reach her goal of being a lawyer. Alexa's passion for scuba diving has many adventurous dives under her weight belt. She loves to travel and spend time with her significant other, Cody.

ZooKeeper Team - Ashely

Ashley Bourgoine
PADI Divemaster & People Engineer

Ashley grew up in Michigan and made her way to Florida. She decided to complete her open water course while finishing up her Masters of Taxation at Nova Southeastern University. She instantly fell in love with the underwater world and decided to pursue her PADI Divemaster Certification. She continues to guide and lead other divers to show them the importance of protecting the underwater world. Ashley helps the ocean by cleaning up any debris found in the water and helping to conserve our oceans by hunting and eating lionfish. With her dedication to marine life, we know she is an asset to our ZooKeeper team!

ZooKeeper Team - Tereza

Tereza Avila
Shore Support & People Engineer

Tereza moved to the states from the Czech Republic to go to Nursing School. She aspires to be a Mermaid; however, her & Cesar uploaded a future diver and Lionfish slayer so her efforts have been delayed.

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