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ZooKeeper Team - Cody Robinson

Cody Robinson

Managing Partner PADI Specialty Instructor & Master Hunter

Cody was also born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. In the three years, he has been scuba diving, he has become very passionate about the sport and is dedicated to helping promote the growth of Florida’s beautiful reefs. While living near the water all his life, free diving and scuba diving are both something he has always had a deep interest in.  

Starting as a recreational diver, he quickly excelled into a Master Scuba Diver, Dive Master, and eventually, PADI Scuba Instructor. Currently, he is an essential team member in the dive industry where he specializes in spearfishing and marine life conservation.  

Cody and Alexa

Cody brings an essential level of passion to the ZooKeeper Team and a vast knowledge base about Lionfish hunting and how Scuba diving can be used in tandem with Reef conservation! With him on our team, we are more than ready to help educate others on how ZooKeepers and Lionfish hunting are beneficial to the future of our reefs!  

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