Meet Alexa Frey – Get to know her!

ZooKeeper Team - Alexa

Alexa Frey

PADI AOW & People Engineer

ZooKeeper would like to introduce another team member, Alexa, who comes from South Florida with a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Florida. Since becoming certified three years ago, she has been passionate about underwater photography and helping to clean our oceans! 


Alexa and Cody, ZooKeeper’s Managing Partner, have been dating for eight years and love that they can scuba together! While she was introduced to scuba diving by Cody, she hasn’t looked back since. She feels lucky to be able to call the ZooKeeper team her forever dive buddies. 


Alexa brings the team a different perspective on creativity and design. Using her eye for photography, Alexa is someone we can rely on to ensure our photos and images look up to date and engaging! With her passion for underwater photography, she loves to be able to show her family back home what it is like being a mermaid! In addition to photography, Alexa has always been passionate about saving the environment one piece of plastic at a time. With her experience volunteering and actively ridding our oceans of debris, she takes steps to help preserve the future of her favorite marine animals, sea turtles! As a part of Zookeeper, she can incorporate how we as a company can actively fight to preserve the animals and reefs that we all love! 

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