Bonaire 2022

Join our club to meet new dive buddies, talk scuba diving, enjoy zoom meetings, happy hours and dinners.  Everyone is invited.  We travel often and you never know when you will need a buddy local or internationally.  

Our goal with this team is to:

  • Meet new buddies locally and internationally.

  • Keep you diving — and Learning.

  • Educate the community about controlling Lionfish.
  • Share the same conservation goals.
  • Make sure wherever you visit, you have the ability to find a dive buddy.

  • Make new friends with people who you have diving in common with.

  • Dive planning.  Better diving trips.
  • Get the club involved with ocean conversation activities.

  • Dive safety.  Know that diving with a club member, you are covered. Everyone will be certified and insured.

  • Share with the club your experiences.

  • Become family and much more…

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