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ZooKeeper Team - Tereza

Tereza Avila

Shore Support &
People Engineer

Tereza moved to South Florida from the Czech Republic to pursue her Nursing degree.  Tereza also enjoys the ocean, hot Florida sun, and making delicious meals, including Lionfish for the Team.  She’s always up to a challenge, so she wanted to see all the talk about being a mermaid after completing nursing school.  However, she and Cesar uploaded a future diver and Lionfish slayer, so her efforts have been delayed.  For now, is shore support.  She likes to take care of the divers in between boat naps, and once the little slayer is a bit older, she’ll continue her mermaid adventure. So during her day “job” is inspired to be the best mom to Kaden. When he’s napping and she’s finished with her domestic duties, she somehow finds time to get to her hobbies of painting, trying new foods, and traveling. Her dream job would be a professional sunbather on her own yacht, but until then, she’s got all her focus on their bougie baby, Kaden.  #FutureMisterUniverse2039   #FuturePresident2046

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Tereza's Favorites

  • Food: Sushi and steak
  • Holiday: Christmas because “I get presents”
  • Color: Blue
  • Vacation place: Sandals because “there is soooo much room for activities”
  • Movie: “Aquaman” because of her favorite hunky actor, Jason Momoa. 
  • The thing about diving: so far she’s shore support. She loves it because she can tan, take naps, and drink Trulys
  • Dessert: Ice Cream
  • Music: Modern Country
  • Song: Chicken Fried
  • Dream vacation: A kid free all inclusive resort
  • Drink: Water
  • TV show: Big Bang Theory
  • Sport to play: Chase a kid
  • Sport to watch Hockey with Jágr and napping during anything else.
  • Candy: Anything chocolate related
  • Snack: Jalapeno potato chips
  • Fast Food: McDonald’s
  • Scent: Fresh baby bathed skin
  • Sports team: Whatever hocket team Jaromír Jágr is on.  She has this delusion that he’s like a brother to her since they both come from the same country. ‘eye roll’ :)~
  • A place to shop: Mall
  • Restaurant: Any Peruvian 
  •  Day of the week: Saturday and Sunday because it’s family time with her man and Czechilli a/k/a Kaden

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