Celebration of ZooKeeepr’s One Year

It’s time to have a celebration.

ZooKeeper Celebration

Let's celebrate! We'd like to thank you for your support.

We’ve grown tremendously over the last year since our purchase of the business.

New with ZooKeeper

  • Partnered with many operations.
  • Sling Spears were released.
  • DEMA 2021 was a success.
  • ZooKeeper Mini was revealed.
  • Sponsored many events.
  • Launched a new conservation logo.
  • Offering gear packages.
  • Made many new lifelong friends!

Well, we did have a few bumps on the pier…. 

  • For three months, in the beginning, we couldn’t get any materials due to supply chain issues. 
  • The molded funnel gave us a problem with the type of plastic materials used.  However, we changed materials and replaced any broken complaints.  We’ve moved forward and may change the materials again, so a spare funnel is all you need “in case.”
  • Throughout winter, we couldn’t get the turtle skin materials to make our extensions.

Small bumps, but we overcame them and learned to move forward. Let’s have a celebration for the things to come. 

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