New PINK ZooKeeper Gear!

Lionfish ZooKeeper Gear PINK

You ladies asked and we produced a pink ZooKeeper.

Just because we are underwater doesn’t mean that you can’t coordinate your dive gear

Pink is now available to match to your gear!

Check out the apparel and jewelry too!

We have new jewelry from the huntress herself, Lionfish Caribbean

Lionfish ZooKeeper Gear PINK
Lionfish ZooKeeper Gear PINK

Ladies!  Try the pink ZooKeeper in our new size 10″.

Why would I need one that small, you ask?  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Carry it when you expect a lite haul
  • It’s small enough to Zook strap it to you and have it “in case” you should need to use it for marine life and/or debris
  • Smaller ZooKeeper size 10″ takes up less room in your suitcase when you travel
  • New slayer or young slayer can better manage while learning
  • You can add on an extension later if you find yourself hauling more
  • It’s just cute and goes well with your other ZooKeeper gear
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