Old Molded Funnel vs. New Molded Funnel

Let’s start by briefly explaining why we changed the funnel. When ZooKeeper was purchased in July of 2021, we received very little inventory of products or components. We attempted to buy funnels, but the company had stopped making them. We tried different funnels, and none of them worked, and we were left with no choice but to move forward with having a mold made and producing the funnel. We engaged the same manufacturer who makes all the other components for the ZooKeeper. We are not plastics experts and rely on their knowledge and expertise to create a funnel for our needs. When we received the funnel, we field-tested it by sending it to some customers and friends and used it ourselves. We had very few issues and rolled the funnel out in late January this year.

Fast forward to today, we learned that there were some issues with the type of plastic used for the first-generation funnel and immediately stopped using it. We sent out less than 150 funnels and immediately returned to the drawing board. We have been using the second version of the funnel with almost zero failures. We are confident that this second version is better than the original funnel used in the ZooKeeper. We are very aware of the safety component of operating a ZooKeeper which is one of the reasons we made the handle standard for all ZooKeepers.

Be sure to contact us immediately if you have had an issue with your funnel or any parts.

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