Are New Replacement Parts Available To Purchase?

ZooKeeper Replacement Parts

Yes! All of our ZooKeeper replacement parts and kits can be found here on our website.  They are available in each color too. 

Next time be sure to check your gear after you do your predive safety check! Doing that minimizes the need to purchase replacement parts.

Simple Replacement Parts & Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Find The Replacement Parts You Need to Keep Your Dive Running Smoothly

These are NOT Aftermarket replacement parts. The original equipment manufacturer makes them. ZooKeeper! Each piece is patented, fits a ZooKeeper and is not made for the impostor keepers.  If you need replacement parts for the impostor gear, you may as well get the best and order a ZooKeeper!

Don’t try to fit other parts on your ZooKeeper as it may not be safe to dive with Lionfish with the improper fixes. Be safe not sorry. 

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