Interesting Chat with Tim Robinson of ZooKeeper at DEMA 2021 – Lionfish Podcast

While at DEMA 2021, we were approached by Scott Gonello, the creator of the “Lionfish Patrol App” and host of the “Lionfish Podcast“. Below you can re-play the episode with Mr. ZooKeeper, Tim Robinson, and learn a little about the lionfish species, the new ownership of Zookeeper & the team behind it, and many more fun facts about the Future of Lionfish!!!  Listen to the interview below.

ZooKeepers are the gold standard when it comes to hunting lionfish! Tim Robinson recently purchased ZooKeeper and is taking it to the next level in the fight against the invasive lionfish. We met up with Tim at DEMA 2021 in Las Vegas. He is a great guy with a great business mind and will take everything to the next level.

-Scott Gonello, Podcast Interviewer

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