Podcast – In the Den of the Lionfish

Den of the Lionfish

In the Den of the Lionfish

Worst. Marine. Invasion. Ever. 

Prized as pets for their mesmerizing beauty, an aquarium keeper’s dream has become an environmental nightmare as legions of venomous, voracious lionfish are now guzzling up fish and further endangering coral reefs throughout the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Researchers, inventors, divers and fishers are urgently trying to find new ways to stem the tide of these undersea marauders.

Featuring Captain Cindy Garb – Owner of Instigator Fishing and Diving out of Swansboro, North Carolina

Listen to the Den of the Lionfish Podcast HERE 

Hosted By: Elizabeth Friend and Laura Pellicer

Published August 23, 2022 at 5:30 AM EDT

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