ZooKeeper starts a dive team…

Exciting news! ZooKeeper starts a dive club…

ZooKeeper is in the process of ironing out the details to start a dive team.  This won’t be just any dive team; we want it to be international.  Wherever you visit, you’ll be able to find a buddy within the team. We can post all sorts of events world wide people may be interested in while on vacation.  We’ll work on specific ZooKeeper trips and post others group trips so fill spots from wherever. You’ll be able to post pictures and see pictures from all sorts. 

Yes, there’s a fee for administrative and website purposes but it’s just $50.00 a year.  Interested but have questions, email: dive@lionfishzk.com 

ZooKeeper Dive Team Membership Benefits

  • ZooKeeper Team Membership Performance shirt.
  • Exclusive 15% off discount coupon code to shop on www.LionfishZK.com with membership. 
  • ZooKeeper Blogs
  • A “Buddy List” of team members and contact information is distributed to members only. You never need to dive with a stranger again!

  • Be part of the Facebook Private Group.

  • Discounts on certifications/continuing education fees. 

  • Accessible to several instructors and dive masters.
  • Free Scuba Refresher if you have not been diving in 12 months or longer. 
  • Invite to each Team Zoom meeting. 
  • Team discounts on overseas diving trips. 
  • Organized local diving and staycation trips. 
  • Camaraderie and safe diving with dive buddies you know. 
  • Social events. 
  •  Meet loads of new fun and friendly people. 


  • Safety
    • Take a free Scuba Refresher if you have not been diving in 12 months or longer. 
    • The following safety practices are recommended for all team dives: 
      • Using the buddy system 
      • Using a dive computer 
      • Dive within your certification limits
      • Having dive insurance 
    • Each member is responsible for maintaining and using the following minimum equipment on all team dives:
      • BCD 
      • Submersible pressure gauge or dive computer 
      • Depth gauge or dive computer 
      • Timing device or dive computer 
  • Guests
    • Guests must join the club to utilize any club benefits (team shirt, discounts etc.) 
  • Conservation
    • All members and guests should be respectful of and sensitive to the underwater environment and its inhabitants.  
    • Members and guests should strive to maintain neutral buoyancy and be conscious of the positions of their gauges, fins, equipment, and bodies in the water while diving. 

Like I said earlier we are ironing out the details with regard to the application process and so forth but for now, if you’d like to sign up, please follow the two links below. 

We are excited to start a dive team and bring people together with ZooKeeper in common.

 If you have any questions, please email: dive@lionfishzk.com 

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