Results of the ZooKeeper Photo Contest

Hogfish in ZooKeeper- Multipurpose

Curious about the results? Honestly, we didn’t have many entries but the ones we did were fin-tastic!  We want to thank everyone that entered.

Look at all the fun.  ZooKeepers aren’t just for Lionfish anymore.  Let’s help our oceans for generations to come and pick up debris, fill them with lobsters and other catch.  Throw in your treasure find and some sea urchins too!

If you go out and do as these Slayers do you will see the results of your efforts.

See the results here…

Jared Harrison - 2022 Results Multipurpose ZooKeeper
Click picture to follow...
Vincent Morenza - 2022 Results Multipurpose ZooKeeper
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Catharine Van Dorn - 2022 Results Multipurpose ZooKeeper
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Your ZooKeeper can be multipurpose!  It isn’t just for Lionfish anymore.  Multipurpose it!

  • Take it treasure hunting to hold your new riches while you dive too!
  • Throw other fishes in.
  • Pick up trash and debris and throw it in.
  • It holds the fishing line and hooks well. 
  • Less drag than a net or solid trash bag.
  • I’ve picked up knives that will obviously cut most dive equipment.
  • All you have to do is unscrew and dump.  No messing around with removing hooks and so forth when cleaning up.

How do you multipurpose your ZooKeeper?

Interested in learning more about Lionfish and the proper way to capture and put it on the menu during your next surface interval?

ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit  (LCU) Features:

  • Most preferred by Lionfish Hunters
  • Ease of use and high effectiveness: containing Lionfish, other items, and diver safety.
  • Slotted funnel allows you to quickly and easily place your catch into the ZooKeeper Lionfish container with your spear while keeping the items safely confined.
  • ZooKeeper is designed by Lionfish hunters for Lionfish hunters
  • Can be multipurposed to contain other edible fish and even used for marine debris like fishing lines, hooks, cans, plastics, and other trash.
  • Custom extruded PVC tubes – Lightweight, Color, UV Resistor added to ABS/PVC for longer life
  • Flange, Cap and Safety Drain Valve are all ZooKeeper’s patent designs
  • Paracord for clip, line or lanyard attachment
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