What is the Lionfish’s natural predator?

Shark Lionfish Predator

Natural predators in the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea (where lionfish are indigenous) known to eat lionfish include sharks, grouper and giant eels.

However, there are no known natural predators in the areas where lionfish are invasive.  These include the Caribbean, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Mediterranean. Divers are encouraged to spear as many as possible. For now, divers and commercial fishermen are the natural predators of the Lionfish.

In the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea, marine life has had hundreds of years to learn to eat the lionfish. However, in the other areas, they have been invading, it’s been less than fifty years for the larger fish to know they can eat them.

DON’T Feed the sharks yourself.  It teaches them to associate food with divers. We’ve had sharks follow us throughout the dive and try to take our fish.  That will get you bitten and the last thing a shark wants to do is bite you. 

Once, an eel came out of the coral and chased us.  It was scary. We had to poke at it a few times before it got the point and turned away finally. 

Trying to feed the Lionfish to any other marine life puts the diver into danger.  Divers will never be able to train marine life to eat the Lionfish.  Over time we are hoping that it can be learned.

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