Do I need a scuba certification to hunt Lionfish?

Short answer, no, however, you do need to be open water certified to scuba dive.

Necessary scuba certification courses:

Recommended  scuba certification courses:

  • Advanced open water
    • Learn interested 5 lessons like deep or wreck where you can find Lionfish
    • You can then go to a maximum of 100′
  • Deep Specialty
    • learn the necessary safety procedures to go to 130′ – the maximum depth a recreational diver is recommended to go.
  • Enriched Air (Nitrox)
    • learn the necessary safety procedures to extend your dives.
  • Peak Performace Buoyancy
    • learn to control your buoyancy while hunting – don’t damage the reef

There are many certifications and courses you can take to help with your hunting, but not necessary for a successful hunt.

  • Wreck – to be able to penetrate a wreck to hunt
  • Navigation – you need to know where you’re going if your buddy isn’t a great navigator.

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