Why is dive accident insurance so important?

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Divers Alert Network (DAN Dive Accident Insurance Coverage)

Whether you’re certified PADI, SSI, RAID, NAUI, CMAS, TDI/SDI, all divers have heard of Divers Alert Network. Unfortunately, not all certified divers choose to carry a dive accident insurance policy. Most standard health insurance policies do not cover accidents sustained while scuba diving. Even the most harmless of injuries can be covered by DAN.

My own experience with DAN’s dive accident insurance policy saved me thousands. As a scuba instructor, I sometimes need to make numerous ascents and descents with students during a single session. After a weekend of multiple classes with countless ascents and descents, I awoke the next morning with blood on my pillow and coming from my ear. Unfortunately, my regular health insurance did not cover the expense of medical care. Diver’s Alert Network covered this expense. The claims process was easy. I submitted all necessary documentation and received a reimbursement check within a couple of weeks.

Sadly, I was present when another diver did not have the same experience.

While aboard a local diver operator, a buddy pair had some trouble at the surface. At the end of their dive, one of the divers removed his mask and regulator to discuss the dive. The diver began taking waves to the face and inhaled water. When we approached the diver, his lips were blue. We were able to put the diver on emergency oxygen and transport him to emergency medical services. The diver spent a couple of days in the hospital. The diver did not renew their DAN dive accident insurance policy. They had been a DAN member for several years prior to their accident. Their health insurance provider did not cover their expensive hospital stay. What was their reason? They were a seasoned diver and never had an accident. They felt it was an unnecessary expense.

Decades of DAN membership and policy fees wouldn’t be a fraction of the total emergency treatment expense.

Take a look at this link to compare coverage plans. DAN Compare Plans

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