Webcams from Broward and Palm Beach Counties

ocean webcams


Do you know if you check these cams for live wave action?  You can.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on due to visibility.  I recently learned about the Boca Raton Inlet cam so I will be checking that one often.  When we go out the boat most likely goes out the Boca Raton Inlet. 

My favorite is the Deerfield Beach webcam.  It covers the pier and along down the beach towards Pompano Beach.  Also, Deerfield Beach has an underwater cam so you can see under the pier.  When visibility is good, I could watch it for hours.  I usually put it on in the office and keep an eye on it like an aquarium.  You can see many fishes and other things that live nearby. Nurse sharks even frequent the Deerfield Beach pier. Barracuda love to hang out underneath. I see schools of little fishes.  When the Lookdowns are around, they glare at the camera because they are so shiny. 

When you’re going out on a boat use these cams as a resource to check the weather.  

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