How To Safely Cleanup At A Beach Or Pier Cleanup…

Lionfish ZooKeeper Debris - Safely Cleanup - Multipurpose it

How To Safely Cleanup At A Beach Or Pier Cleanup…

If you have ever participated in a reef, beach, or pier cleanup you know the frustration of detangling a fishhook from a mesh bag. Fishhooks are not the only sharp objects found during one of these cleanup events. Broken glass bottles, rusty beer cans, or other rusty metal objects (knives, scissors, fishing poles) all pose a significant hazard to divers and event volunteers. A quick scrape across the leg or other limb could cause serious injury, especially with an out-of-date tetanus shot. Personally, during these events, a ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit is the perfect marine debris collection device. Safely cleanup!

Lionfish spines are sharp enough to penetrate a wetsuit or gloves. The ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit works perfectly to protect the diver from lionfish spine envenomation. It works equally as well protecting the diver from any sharp objects a diver might encounter during a reef, beach, or pier cleanup. The 6” opening of the ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit is large enough to fit any objection one may come across. The funnel insert ensures the debris stays contained inside the unit. The quick drain valve also makes exiting the water a breeze.  

Are you wondering how to get involved in beach reef, beach, or pier cleanup? Check with your local dive center

The ZooKeeper Team be there safely cleaning up and using our ZooKeepers to collect as much debris as possible. The future of lionfish ends with ZooKeeper but the future of our oceans starts with ZooKeeper. 

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