What is the ZooKeeper trade-in program? How does it work?

Trade in program is here!

Do you have an old model ZooKeeper? COMPETITOR’s container?

Homemade Lionfish container?

Or just want a new color?

ZooKeeper is helping you trade in your Lionfish containers from a competitor, that have old drains, pretty beat up or homemade for a NEW ZooKeeper 30% Off!

How you ask?…

  • Contact Patricia:  patricia@lionfishzk.com and send a picture.
  • You’ll get an invoice for the ZooKeeper of your choice at 30% off and a return shipping label to send your container to us.
  • Go slay with your NEW ZooKeeper!

We are going to collect the old containers and donate them to a Lionfish organization in a country that can’t afford to supply ZooKeepers to their hunters.

International customers can participate too!

If you want it shipped to you out of the country we will get you a shipping cost.  Or if you have a freight forwarder or friend visiting it would be much easier.

We are asking you to donate your old container to a local organization in need and take pictures to send to us.

A good example if you live in Aruba would be to donate to Caribbean Lionfish Alliance – Aruba

We would love to see everyone with a ZooKeeper new or old in the hands of all hunters or debris pickers.

ZooKeeper trade in program
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