Some Tips on How to Slay Lionfish

Tips for Slaying Lionfish
  • Be prepared for your hunting dive.
  • Plan your dive! 
  • Dive your plan!
  • Use a sling spear with a good tip you are most comfortable with.
  • Use a flashlight.  Lionfish like to hide during the day.  You can find them in crevices most likely upside down.
  • Use a sharp tip for the best results on euthanizing the fish quickly.
  • Make sure you have ice to put the Lionfish on immediately.
    • It will help make sure the lionfish are euthanized if you didn’t get a shot to the head.
    • To keep fresh so you can eat em
  • Communicate with your buddy.
    • If you come across a load you may help.
    • You may need a second spear if you didn’t spear the fish in the head to get it in the ZooKeeper. It’s possible to get the Lionfish in from its side but it’s easier to ask your buddy to re-spear in the head and put it into the ZooKeeper.
  • Do not feed your slay to other predators!
    • If you don’t have your ZooKeeper you can leave the Lionfish floating. Something will find it and it will get eaten.
  • Do not cut the spines under the water during dive.
    • they are floating uncontrolled and someone will get poked. The Venum stays alive for another 8 hours.
  • Eat them or give the Lionfish away so someone else can eat them.  No reason to waste them.
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