Questions & Answers with Tyler

We did a quick questions and answers session with Tyler. 
Read below to see what he has to say about scuba, ZooKeeper, conservation and more.

When did you learn to Scuba and what made you interested?

“I learned to scuba in 2015. I received the course as a graduation present when I finished my Bachelor’s degree at FAU. I became interested because I started snorkeling regularly off the beach and wanted to explore deeper.”

Question: What was your first experience with a Lionfish?

Lionfish Fillet Spine

“My first experience with a lionfish was in 2015 when I purchased a Zookeeper. I got stung trying to get it off the spear. I learned the need for heat to denature the sting. Capt Jim at Loggerhead showed me the trick of heating up a wet towel on the engine block and wrapping it around my finger.”

When did you come to learn about a ZooKeeper?

“Someone gave me a polespear they were developing to try and told me to purchase a ZooKeeper, so I didn’t get stung catching them.”

How did you come to be a partner with the ZooKeeper Team?

“Short story… I certified Mr. Zookeeper (Tim) and the rest of the Zookeeper team!”

What’s your favorite product to use? Why? 

“My favorite product to use is the spear holder. Keeps everything safely contained in one compact unit. Don’t have to worry about losing my spear or getting jabbed climbing on the boat.”

Can the ZooKeeper be used for anything else other than Lionfish? 

“Yes, lobster, other fish and of course marine debris!”

2022 ZooKeeper Contest - Multipurpose Result

Question: How do you compare the ZooKeeper to other containment units? Why? 

“Far superior! It is modular so I can take it apart for cleaning, part replacement and plus I can see all my catch to show off on the dive boat.”

What does conservation mean to you and how do you make a difference personally? 

Our Commitment - ZooKeeper Lionfish Conservation

“Conservation has recently taken on new meaning. As a new dad, I want the ocean to be even better and more pristine for my son to see when he starts diving. Personally, I pick up as much marine debris as I can safely during dives. I also make choices like using reusable containers daily instead of single-use plastics and styrofoam.”

Tell us what you have been working on for the future. 

“Currently working on offering more ocean conservation courses and partnering with other organizations to provide more educational value.”

Will there be any new products revealed? When can we look forward to hearing something?

“Yes! Stay tuned for DEMA and early 2023!”

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