How does proper waste management help our oceans?

Lionfish Debris Cleanup and Hunt. Multipurpose it

Proper waste management is critical to maintaining the health of our oceans. When waste is not properly disposed of, it often ends up in the ocean, polluting the waters and harming marine life. There are several steps that individuals and communities can take to improve waste management and reduce ocean pollution. Some of these include:

1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle: By reducing the amount of waste we produce, reusing items when possible, and recycling materials that can be reused, we can prevent a lot of waste from ending up in the ocean.

2. Dispose of hazardous waste properly: Hazardous materials such as batteries, chemicals, and electronics should be disposed of properly to prevent them from contaminating the ocean.

3. Properly dispose of fishing gear: Abandoned or lost fishing gear can be a major source of marine debris, so it is important to dispose of it properly.

4. Support ocean-friendly practices: Support businesses and practices that are committed to reducing waste and preventing ocean pollution.

By taking these steps of Proper waste management, we can help ensure that our oceans stay healthy and thriving for generations to come.

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