What are other names for a Lionfish container “ZooKeeper”?

Lionfish Container

There are many names people like to call what you put Lionfish in to continue the dive safely

  • ZooKeeper (of course) 
  • Lionfish Containment Unit 
  • LCU 
  • Lionfish bag 
  • Lionfish container 
  • Lionfish dungeon 
  • Lionfish hotel 
  • Lionfish keeper 
  • Lionfish ZK 
  • Lionfish catch bag 
  • Lionfish tube 
  • Lionfish hunting container 
  • Lionfish unit 
  • Lionfish holding bag 
  • Lionfish system 
  • Lionfish trap 
  • Lionfish containment system 
  • Lionfish catch bag 
  • Spearfishing catch bag 
  • Armor Lionfish catch bag 
  • Lionfish Tamer 


I’m sure we’ll hear some other names in the future. 

There is a couple of DIY containers, bags, and PVC tubes with the same names, but you will always be directed back to the safest gear to hunt Lionfish and dive. ZooKeeper!! 


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