Dive Shops – Do You Know Where To Find A Shop in Good Standing?

Scuba / Dive Shop Affiliate

There are many scuba dive shops.  How do you know if it’s the shop for you? Well, call them and chat.  Go in and see what your impression is. Talk to your buddies and get recommendations.

  • Research the shop’s reputation.
  • Confirm whether the shop can deliver your ideal dive experience.
  • Determine the dive shop’s approach to safety.
  • Establish whether the shop makes you feel comfortable and eager to dive with them.
  • Ask how often they service their rental equipment.
  • Ask whether you can see the latest test certificates.
  • Ask about their safety record.
  • Ask to see their boat logs from previous dive trips.
  • Ask the instructors for their Instructor card.
If your shop doesn't carry ZooKeepers or other gear we can help with that.
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