Eco-friendly partner shops we love?

The ZooKeeper team has partnered with some eco-friendly organizations.  The team uses most of the products these partner shops offer and use regularly.  We thought that it would be fun to share a handful.  Maybe you too would like to try.  Why keep what we love a secret.  We have also linked them, making them easy for you to find.

Location - Lionfish Caribbean

Lionfish Caribbean

Lionfish Caribbean catch Lionfish, serves the fish and makes unique jewelry of their fins!


  • Marine conservation
  • Sustainable food
  • Organic fashion

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Nudi Wear

Lionfish Leggings

Lionfish inspired high-performance leggings made from recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles.  Nudi Wear also offers a whole line of ocean inspired products. 

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10% of profits are donated towards ocean conservation

Water Lust

Unique prints inspired by and designed to advocate for marine species and ecosystems. 10% of profits are donated to marine science research and education. Made with the environment in mind from soft, quick-dry, ultra chlorine, saltwater, and sunscreen resistant recycled fabrics. UPF 50+ sun protection ☀️

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Scuba Screen

Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products

Scuba Screen offers excellent ocean friendly hair care and other personal care products.

  • Reef Friendly & Cruelty Free
  • Formulated For Use In Fresh and Salt Water
  • Patented Packaging With A Spare-O-Ring
  • Infinitely Recyclable Aluminium Packaging
  • Free From Parabens, Endocrine Disruptors and SLS

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Scuba Screen Supports Ocean Charities

Dive Right In Scuba

Need scuba gear we don’t carry? 

Check em’ out! Excellent customer service and if you are in IL you can even visit the shop and dive with them.

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