Is there a place to log my catch for free?

Lionfish Patrol App
Lionfish ZooKeeper no catch limit

Track Your Catch

Divers/Fishermen track their lionfish count from daily to annually and build up their totals from year to year.  Set a goal and see your success!

Data statistics

Compare Stats

Divers/Fishermen see their numbers compared to other divers in their city, county, state, country & globally!  It’s a blast being able to check your buddy’s progress and talking trash.  Kick butt!

Real-Time Data

Everyone can monitor the number of lionfish caught on any given day, week, month, etc., in their area & throughout the world. Yes! The World!

Saving Reefs

Your data, along with other divers and fishermen from around the world, helps the science community find better solutions to control the Lionfish numbers– so Thank You!

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