Interesting research facts you want to know about Lionfish

Den of the Lionfish

Interesting facts about Lionfish:

    • spines can deliver a venomous sting.
    • use their fan-like pectoral fins to “corner” their prey.
    • Female Lionfish can lay approximately 2 million eggs per year.
    • nocturnal.
    • Lionfish can survive for up to 15 years.
    •  can survive in waters 50 degrees, however, strive in warm waters like the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean.
    •  Lionfish have been found in depths from 1 to 300 feet on a hard sandy bottom, mangroves, coral, and artificial reefs like wrecks.
    • A lionfish is capable of eating 80% of the young reef fish on coral reefs within just five weeks.
    • Lionfish can grow to adult size in about two years.
    • swim slowly, using their dorsal and anal fins to move them forward.
    • Lionfish are generally nocturnal, meaning they prefer to hunt at night.
    • An adult can grow as large as 18 inches and sometimes more.
    • consume over 50 species, including some economically and ecologically important species. 
    • are often seen moving about during the day, alone and in small groups.
    • Participate in Lionfish derbies
    • Culling by divers are effective means of controlling lionfish populations.

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