Free Shipping – ZooKeeper now Offers Free Shipping over $149.99

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is now available on all purchases over $149.99.

ZooKeeper is trying to keep the prices as they are rather than raise them due to the current times. 

Additionally, we are trying to make it a bit easier on you, the shopper.  Spend $149.99, and you can get free shipping throughout the US.

There is no coupon needed; just spend over $149.99 and it automatically gets added when you check out.  If you need expedited shipping, there will be a shipping fee for that as we are charged extra.

This is where I ramble on how when I shop, I love the free shipping option as it can get costly, especially the heavy items.  If I can’t pick up the heavy items myself, it’s much easier to have the retailer pay for the shipping and get it right to my front door.  I don’t have to lug anything anywhere. What else can I say?  We like to save money just like you.

Do you have any suggestions that we may consider?  We have local pick-up for the people who live in South Florida.  Many shops individually pick up their orders.  We give them a short tour of the facility when they come and see where the magic happens.

Get free shipping when you spend $149.99 or more. 

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