Is there a place to log my catch?

Lionfish Patrol App
Lionfish Patrol App

Lionfish Patrol – Divers/Fishermen track their lionfish count from daily to annually and build up their totals from year to year.


Lionfish Patrol App is designed by divers, for divers to help the world track the catch data of the invasive lionfish. It’s simple – just add your catch totals, take some pictures and your information that will help you keep track of your lionfish hunting successes! NO GPS (unless you want to add that to your PRIVATE notes section). 
This social lionfish app shares your catch count to all members of this community feed. This is the first app dedicated to creating better solutions by tracking from all areas that are experiencing the destruction that the lionfish are creating. 
This app will evolve to benefit countries that want to track specific information. This helps struggling areas get the important information so they can make better decisions on how to manage the invasion. 
Lionfish Patrol is the first of its kind designed by and for divers. This approach gathers better and more accurate information that has been nonexistent in the past. Be part of the solution by tracking your catch totals and adding to the data that will help us all. 

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